Cancellation and Refund Policy


We at Aditya Enterprises, adhere to refund/cancellation Policies for all the web services providing to our customers. To know the complete details about our policy, We request you to refer the respective service level agreement.

If a customer willing to request for cancellation means then he/she has to send a mail to [email protected] or they can send a mailing letter to our official address. Then our finance and management team will analyze the issues deeply and advice you related to further process.

If the problem/issue is from our side, then the client will get a refund on their bank account by NEFT transfer within 15 days of approval. Thereafter, your request for service will be considered as cancel or revoked.

Aditya Enterprises have specific terms and nature of refund for various products and services.

If a client request for a cancellation of the project then Aditya Enterprises will not guarantee for the acceptance of refund. We will analyze the various factors involved in that project, such as verification of signed contract, Current status of the project,  and the nature of service or product.

Aditya Enterprises is not liable to pay a refund for transaction fee or tax deducted. Aditya Enterprises holds right to process partial refund depends on the current status of your ongoing project(s).


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Confirmation: Refers to the confirmation call from regarding your project and its details.

Work Delay: Refers to the delay due to certain problems or issues from our side resulting in the failure of delivery on time. It does not include delay caused by the customer in providing the accurate details of the projects.

Technical Glitches: Refers to the problem we faced due to your hosting provider, DNS resolver (domain name and CDN) or other resources provided by you.

Reasons for Cancellation Refund Policy Explanation of Refund Policy
“Work Order Cancellation After the client Complete the payment transaction
Within 24 Hours after Placing the Order Money refund of 100% except transaction fee will be guaranteed We will deduct no money apart from payment gateway fees and taxes on fee
Within 2-3 Days from the date of confirmation Money refund of 50% will be guaranteed Designer, Developer and Project Manager will be allocated on the day when we get the financial confirmation. So only We will deduct 50% of the amount.
After 3 Days from the date of confirmation No Refund No Refund
Possible Other Reasons to claim for refund:
If the client pay extra amount by mistake 100% of the Extra money will be refunded . We will Refund 100% payment after deduct Payment gateway charges.
If the client Does not like the Design. No refunds For Every project we will strive our best to understand the concept before starting the work. Also we will allow multiple iterations (revisions) of the design until the client gets satisfied. In case the client don’t like the designs then we will sit with the client and make the corrections accordingly. So in this case No Refund is possible.
“Work Delay” Upto 50% of the Total Payment Made We will check all the mail and project documents and rectify the issues. If the Issues is from our side then we will refund upto 50% of the total payment made.
Technical Glitches No Refund If there is a problem with the hosting and domain issues from third-party vendors then we are not responsible for the losses.
SEO No Refund If there is a problem with the SEO issues from third-party vendors then we are not responsible for the losses.